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Hiatus for now

Hello Readers!

I am making this post to say that I will be on hiatus for a bit. I don’t know how long it will be or if it will be indefinate (probably not I think I have just been in a rut lately) But I just haven’t been very gunho about blogging about Kpop MV’s and performances lately it could be that all my fave groups are currently not doing much of anything or promoting overseas or that i have just been swampped with school work and my birthday was last week so i had a mini quarter life crisis….

Anyways for the moment I will not be posting anything for a while but uh check in from time to time because who know one day i might get bored or miss this and start up again. Most of my readers are by chance anyways I don’t think i have any real regular reader but if i did then I am sorry I let you down in the past month.




Inkigayo Performances for 110130

(sorry for the late updating)

TVXQ won the triple crown today on Inkigayo so congrats to them They have done a wonderful job with their comeback and their album is great!

This particular performance was wonderful lots of energy they both looked like they were actually enjoying giving the performance though I was on the fence if I did or did not love their outfits… I think i like bits and pieces of them but not all of it as a whole. I think they are starting to get tired esp after they were in Japan this week and had SM TOWN performance and the Music Station Performance. They will probably now be going over to Japan to promote more.

TOP and GD performed their track “Don’t go Home” which is one of my fave tracks on their duo CD. I loved this performance… I love everything about it. I loved the outfits, the energy, the fun, the dancing of TOP, and GD’s charms. I could not be any more happy and I hope they perform this again because I sincerely love this song.

MBlaq’s Stay performance… I really love this song and I love the dance and this performance was GREAT (save for Joon cracking a bit and being out of breath in a spot but… I am overlooking that) The outfit were YAY and can I just say how amazing Mir and Seungho looked and how much I loved Joon’s jacket! anywho G.O seems to have found his groove when it comes to find the right spot to plug in his adlibs I am quite pleased.

Seungri performed “What Can I Do?” and it was good he is doing his thing up there on stage by himself. I have nothing to nit pick or be overly hype about with this performace because it was what is was. Seungri doing his thang.

Secret- Shy Boy (they did GD&TOP for those who are following their boyband homage) as for the performace i didn’t catch it but it’s secret so I am sure it was flawless

Infinite  performed BEFORE THE DAWN (BTD for short *wink wink*) and It was lovely as usual I’m sure most of you by now have caught the hairstyle changes of Myungsoo and Dongwoo! ^ ^ I of course and all FOR IT! Love love love it. and another thing i LOVE LOVE LOVED! was the texturing of Myungsoo’s shirt and I believe the back of SungGyu’s was the same. I really like their stylist’s choices and one day when I am in Korea i will try to seek them out and say how much I admire them. I mean for godsake Yesterday they pulled off BROWN AND BLACK! do you know how hard it is to pull those two colors off without looking horrible? anyways enough of me chatting about fashion and such to the performance

Teen Top- Super Luv ( I admit I didn’t watch this either sorry… I was being lazy tonight forgive me but I did see a gif of the lip swipe L.Joe does at the end if nothing else that is a good reason to watch the performance…I myself will do so after i finish this post LOL)

Park JungMin performed his solo song “Not Alone” and of course it was great. He looked amazing save for the shoulder things but i know that those were added for drama but i wish the left them off because i so love a good ringleader’s jacket.

Jewelery made their comeback with “Back it Up” I still haven’t warmed up to this song it is too much in the style like Shy Boy which i don’t dig so ..yeah but the performance was good so if you like them then check it out and if you don’t know them check them out you might LOVE THEM.

That is it for today and as always I will leave you with a SHINee gif ❤

Thank you so much for reading ^ ^



So Because I’ve been in a weird mood all day and doing Korean work I’m going to make this quick. & Congrats to DBSK on their Second MuBank Win!

DBSK- Keep Your Head Down (Good Performance as always it is freaking DBSK for shisus sake Minnie was looking all kinds of Yum but…y’know srs business rn so…)

Secret-Shy Boy (I love secret they are amazing girls but I didn’t watch this performance not going to lie i just don’t dig the song Still love secret though! ^ ^ )

Park JungMin- Because of you/Not Alone ( love this song! he is a pro performer so this was of course a great performance)

MBLAQ-Stay(T’was Nice)

Infinite- Before the Dawn (Great as always)

Teen Top- Supa Luv (Still doing their thing)

JQT- PeekABoo ( I just really love this song and the girls are very talented)

Mighty Mouth- Tok Tok ( I wish they would do something more crazy and out there I really love the song but the stage is so FLAT)

Dal Shalbet- Supa Dupa Diva (It grew on me *sigh*)

Thanks for Reading and sorry it was so late and rushed today I promise tomorrows inki post will be better


Seungri, Park JungMin, Kara Scandal, High1 Seoul Music Awards,and Mnet Countdown Performances for 200111

This Post is going to be very very long because I have so much news and music to cover it is absolutly ridiculous but I will try my best to have it all make sense and not be one huge giant spazz that is all of the place.

I’ll start with the Kara scandal that is going on so originally 4 out of the 5 girls had decided to leave Gyuri being the one who initally didn’t leave and aparently had no idea that her members were even thinking of leaving DSP at all. (which I personally think is BS and she was just told to say that she knew nothing of it by her company) The reason for the 4 (now 3 as Hara returned to DSP not long after she returned from Thailand….which is also a curious case as some netizens think the only reason why both Hara and Gyrui didn’t decide to leave with the other three being that DSP might have something on both the girls…what exactly it might be we don’t know as it is just a rumor) But what is certain is the reason why the now 3 girls of Kara are leaving is due to overworking and being taken advantage of by their company. They said that their company was giving them so many schedules many of which they did not want to do and were paid too little for all the work they have put in. A lot of netizens are screaming foul because isn’t that what idol life is? So a lot of people are saying there is probably a lot more to it then what Kara or DSP has said. Another kicker is that DSP media quickly went and aquired a copyright to the KARA name so the three members who have left KARA cannot use the Kara name wherever they plan to go in the future.  Personally I am smelling a DBSK all over again and I’m not too happy about it and I’m not even a Kamilla.  I’m not all too sure what exactly to feel or think about this whole issue because it is still too early and too much of a gray area. I will be keeping up on this to further grasp exactly the whole deal and will most likely talk more about it in my next post if there is any updates to the story.

The High 1 Seoul Music Awards were last night and WOOO SHINee won the popularity award! (Jjong was not in attendence as he just underwent surgery monday for his leg *hope he is recovering well* so the boys performed with just 4) Onew was extremely surprised by the win and was quite cute when he got up to receive the award with his members (MVPness is showing kekeke) the full list of winners (courtesy of AKP)

High 1 Popularity Award: SHINee, SNSD

Performance Award: Bobby Kim

Digital Music Award: IU

Special Hallyu Award: SNSD

Trot Award: Jang Yoon Jung

Hip-hop Award: Supreme Team

R&B/Ballad Award: 2AM

Best Album Award: PSY

Rookie Award: The Boss, SISTAR, CNBlue

Bonsangs: miss A, Son Dam Bi, IU, 2AM, 4minute, FT Island, BEAST, SNSD

Daesang: SNSD

Congrats to all the winners ( I haven’t watched the performances yet but I’ll post the link for it so you can watch them if you like. I myself will be doing the same once I am done with this post LOL)  (Performances for the Seoul Music Awards)

Seungri’s Solo Mini Album VVIP dropped yesterday and WOAH! was I impressed. The songs are great! I just watched his two MV’s and his MNet performance this morning so yeah inital thoughts…. I loved the art direction for VVIP the styling was so my type of thing and the whole wonderlands thing was cute (not extremely original but i liked how they pulled it off and added their own spin to it.) The other Video was very cookie cutter yet aesthetically  pleasing I liked the one scene where the girl is just a hologram and they are laying on the floor…very pretty. Both the video’s screamed YG! and I loved it.  His Performance on Mnet was Hella good too. He had lots of Energy and did his usual Seungri thing y’know his own personal brand of panda swagga. I really wish GD would’ve accompanied his cause it would’ve just made his performances so much better but He did great alone. (here is to hoping GD feels better from his fever) Check out the two MV’s and His Performances below

Park JungMin (from SS501) released his solo mini album and MV for Not Alone. I really love his MV and album because he did something different that what everyone else is doing he did an inspirational, uplifting , and moving MV and the feel of his songs are very smooth and soothing. He is just plain pleasant and enjoyable to listen to and I love how when i listened to this album all I want to do is just relax and read a good book at a park in front of a pond or fountain. I like how this music makes me feel. Also i think the message of his title track is great and I think it might help a lot of people through some hard times in their lives. I give it up to him also his live performance on Mnet was graceful and wonderful you can definitely tell he is a Pro and knows what he is doing.

DBSK won last nights Mnet Countdown and also repairs the Mnet vs. SM feud. The performance was AWESOME (only thing was they pretty much lip synched the whole time but hey did I really care NOT ONE BIT because Hot damn the choreo was on point!) The owl suits were back for the Keep your head down pef. but like  I said I am overlooking that fail as Homin did such a fantastic job.

MBlaq -Stay (Joon being dramatic G.O being G.O, SeungHo getting more screen time *thank shisus* Mir made a cute mistake and Thunder was how he was last week minus the nerves)

Mighty Mouth made their Comeback with “Tok Tok” and the performance was okay theyguys had lots of energy and soya sounded nice but I wish they had done a special more crazy stage then what they did….Maybe on MuBank they will do something a bit more Mighty Mouth Style

Other Performances included Han Groo, Secret, and Dal Shalbet.

That’s all for today hoped you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for reading !

Here is to Wishing Jjongie a quick recovery !


Dance Versions of INFINITE and TEEN TOP’s MV’s, Mighty Mouth’s MV for TOK TOK, And SNSD’s MV for Visual Dreams

SO I was going to wait until I reached my 100oth Blog View to make this post but since I am at 999 i figured what the hey and decided to go ahead and type up the post anyways. So WOOO if you are reading this you may or may not be my 1000th view. I am kind of blown away at how many views I have considering that I don’t tell a lot of people about my blog just my few Kpop friends and the few people who follow me on Tumblr which is not a lot at all (but i am grateful to the followers I do have on there) So Yay to me for this milestone. I hope that this blog continues to grow and only get better in the future. Thank you to all my readers and even to the occasional passerby’s!

Now that business is out of the way let’s get to the Music yeah? So Teen Top and Infinite both released dance versions of their songs “Supa Luv” and “Before the Dawn” aka BTD on the music shows (lazy music shows not wanting to fully spell out BEFORE THE DAWN) but anyways so in the MV’s you of course have all the story line of the originals cut out and get a better more dynamic look at each groups dance that they present live when on stage. This was a great idea for Infinite because well seriously their original MV was 85% story line (AWESOME KICK ASS STORY LINE MAY I ADD) and you really only got to see mostly L, Woohyun, and kinda sort SungYeol (even though you couldn’t tell it was him because he was masked and being evil and stuff but you get what i mean right?) well with the Dance version you get to see the rest of the members a lot more which is great! Though I must say that in the dance version L is still hella prominent and that stare he has… quite possibly the most intense stare in Kpop right now. With Teen Top’s original MV their ratio of dance/story line was pretty even but considering how fun their dance is I’m sure they released this dance version specifically for people to learn the dance with it. In terms of Camera work and mood I still got to give it up to Infinite I still felt the choas and intensity of the song while with Teen Top it felt pretty much the same to me. (Maybe I am biased? IDK but I was more excited to see more of Infinite’s faces that I didn’t really get to see in the original and perhaps that is what made me think their Dance Ver. had more use that just for learning the dance.) –First is Infinite’s then TEEN TOP–

Mighty Mouth Released their new album yesterday and I listened to the whole thing and it is a quite good album. I like a lot of the songs on it. They are a fun group both of them a hilarious dudes and quite talented musicians. They released an MV to go with their title track off the album “Tok Tok” and the song is really fun and cute. The MV has the same feel of the song and it just goes together so nicely. I believe that the girl in the video is not the girl singing but is just an Actress so I was like okay….why not put the actual girl who is singing in the MV but whatever Mighty Mouth do what you want I like the song regardless. Some other song’s I like off the album is Real man, I Don’t, and Internet Gangstar

Oh I almost forgot about SNSD’s MV for Visual Dream! Chisonghamnida! *bows* The video is simple and the girls look great as the always so and randomly *giggles* I really love the song XD  Though I still don’t understand why they never let Hyoyeon’s HAIR DOWN! they always have it up these days WHY? (sorry for that rant) Sooyoung looks taller than normal for some reason… but I still love my bias anyways she was sassy and cute as ever. Tiffany looked flawless and Yuri was  too ^ ^! Sunny was still blonde at this point which I still don’t even know if I liked her that way or not even after all this time and she has even gone back to a darker shade since but I just don’t know. Seo baby was Gorgeous as she always is and Yoona actually didn’t stand out much to me this time don’t know why but she didn’t and Taeyeon was impeccable as ever being the perfect leader she is. The outfits like I said were nice they were sparkly! The end where the did the bum bum bum bum was >.<!

Thank You for Reading! See You later!

Inkigayo Performances from 16012011

I will be putting the date in the title for most performance post from now on to help people differentiate exactly which show they are watching. Also I will try my best to title non performance post more efficiently as well… I kind of did some thinking the other day about this blog and how I have just been doing it for fun so I haven’t been too serious about it like with proof reading my entries before I post them but I think I will try to do so in the future It is the new year after all right?

Okay so I am just going to work my way backwards like I did yesterday and this time I think I might even talk about some Performances I am MEH about. Because I don’t know i haven’t had a good chance to discuss my qualms with them yet.

Congrats to DBSK on their second win so far with their single “Wae? (Keep Your Head Down)”  The performance last night was good but nowhere near as kick ass as last nights Music Core. The mic’s were not as good as MuCore’s so you couldn’t hear them as well but they still had a lot of energy it just wasn’t as FYEAH! as MuCore. Then there were the outfits… They were okay better than the owl lookin ones from the MV that’s fer damn sure but Yunho’s Fur was kind of either not sewn on right or they cut it awkwardly and had to much of it making it kind of look ridiculous from the back unlike how it was in the MV. Minnie looked great his hair was perfect though the skinny tie of his suit made him look more of like a pushover than give him the drama the outfit needed as a stage outfit. Give that boy a regular black silk tie and a matching handkerchief in the breast pocket and BAM BAS ASS MOTHER FUKA WALKIN. So that was what i thought of the performance. After they won and got the hand mic and started to sing the encore YOU COULD HEAR THEM SO MUCH BETTER! Inki’s head mic’s blow chunks sorry to say. But their stages are awesome!

GD& TOP with High High. Thoughts: It’s GD& TOP they looked great sounded great had fun end of story. No complaints or anything particularly WOOOOW ! to talk about. Just enjoy the music (oh wait there is one thing… GD’s hair is amazing. okay now I am done ^ ^ )

I didn’t watch Secret’s “Shy boy” performance because Kpopflash happened to just stop working for me during it but I’ll put it up anyways because a lot of people love their new song.

MBLAQ’s last comeback stage of Cry&Stay. It was a great performance! Still nothing compared to the first but everything was so much better than MuBank and MuCore! Ho Leader ssi was smoother G.O didn’t over sing as much as yesterday Joon was dramatic but not to the point I was annoyed and Mir and Thunder were much more Classy? Swaggalicious? anyways they had more UNF this time. I had a problem with Inki’s mic’s being shit again but what can you do their shitty sound system is not going to magically get better just cause I have a complaint about it so I will just say that the vocals were great considering the circumstances. Plus I’m not going to talk about the styling because they are wearing the sames things just in various colors.

Joo Performed “Bad Guy” Now one of the reasons i haven’t been posting her performances previously is because of how stiff and emotionless she was while singing this highly emotional song that should have her on the brink of tears every time she sings it and grasping at her heart and freaking moving all over the place while performing but she just stands there and sings. The difference with this performance is that she was a little less stiff and showed some emotion in her face. She still stood there barely moving an inch but I love this song and I want her to put more emotion into her performance next week.  Plus her dress was pretty but I don’t really like her hair the way it is long and flowwy would’ve matched the whole sorrow feel more in my opinion.

Infinite performed another great performance of BTD. Again the only problem I had at all with this performance was Inki’s fail head mics and SungGyu’s shaky long note. Besides those two things another great and flawless performance. Oh and yup absolutely hated WooHyun and SungGyu’s  jackets again. Their styling is so much like SHINee’s either a HIT or a COMPLETE MISS.-___-

Teen Top made their final comeback performance as well last night and this performance was a little stronger than the rest save for AGAIN THOSE FREAKING FAIL INKI HEAD MIC’s ! The outfits were better too. L.Joe became more confident today and somehow Ricky got even lower on his matrix drop move. Oh and I have to say this because it has been getting to me anyone notice how awk CAP is next to all the other members he is all ripped and tall and the others are all still kinda in the short and scrawny stage…It has to be the age gap.

I think I will end it there for today. Thanks so much for READING ! ^  ^ I really do appreciate it a lot!


Also I am thinking of changing my Background to a new picture but I am not sure yet which one I want to use because it has to be HQ and a recent Group Picture.

Music Core Performances and maybe a touch of SHINee spazz

Last Night’s MuCore was okay There were some good performances and then there were a few that i was like … But anywho I’m going to Keep Semi positive today and only show the ones i was like WOO excited about

Shall we go Backwards? DBSK performed last and i would just like to say HOT DAYUM that was a good performance the VOCALS *holds up arms  palms up* P E R F E C T. I was like this is QUALITY entertainment right here (plus the whole Changmin pectorals of godlyness being on display didn’t hurt either *wink wink* he’s my DBSK bias in case you people didn’t know kekeke) I mean everything was great the HIGH ENERGY and the “MAKE SOME NOISE” from Yunho who seems to be better after his cold was YESH! They killed that stage and I liked how riled up Minnie got with Yunho practically all up in his face. I was like YEAH GET ANGRY! (am i twisted for that?…maybe?) Anyways… Awesome performance i saved that thing it is downloaded and on my ZUNE proper.

GD&TOP performed HIGH HIGH before them and though this isn’t my fave song ever I love their Pink captain outfits! SOOO MUCH ! Seriously loved this stages concept I really just want to hangout in GD’s closet and just freak out over everything for hours. (I’d probably steal alot of his jackets and Shirts Can’t steal the boys pants though I think my legs are longer than his 😦 ) anywho fun performance as usual by TOP and GD they never really let you down so Enjoy it!

Mblaq’s MuCore Comeback stage not better than Mnet but Better than the other nights MuBank. I love love love the stage for “Stay” Leader Ho had lots of energy and Joon seemed to calm the drama a bit from MuBank (he was a bit ridic on MuBank jussayin) Mir and Thunder are looking more and more confident ( i think the initial nerves are finally waring off) G.O is as usual doing his thing though there are bits where he ad libs that overpower someone elses singing part instead of inhancing the song that kinda got to me. (at least when Jonghyun does this his voice doesn’t completely go over the other guy’s voices) but G.O has a strong voice so perhaps he doesn’t realize until it is too late. Cry performance I felt like they were slower than Mubank but lost the energy from what Mnet Had 😦 Stay was great though just G.O going over SeungHo and Joon irritated me like I said and Mir and Thunder still looking a bit stiff.

Also I just wanna say again how much i love Joon’s dark hair it looks sooo nice on him. (not even my bias but DAYUM)

Infinite Performed Just BTD this time on Music core and as always they gave a strong performance. I don’t find much wrong with their performances maybe the vocals can be more perfect and maybe a tad more emotion? Idk but the dancing is on par and the confidence on stage is at top level (okay okay maybe it wasn’t as great as yesterdays but it was so damn close it wasn’t anything to shake a stick at.) I really really love these boys and I just know that as they grow more and more in the industry they are going to become heavy hitter ESP if they let my Dongsaeng BB SungYeol FUGGIN SING A DAMN LINE ! (sorry had to bias rant) The only complaint i have has nothing to do with the performance at all but actually with the guys clothing and hair. First of all SungGyu leader ssi the hair need to be fixed you are a smexy man and that hair and that jacket you were wearing just did you a dishonor and Seriously putting that Red on Dongwoo when his hair is already Fire red was not a good idea he needed more black in his outfit to balance him out and i didn’t much like Woohyun’s jacket either that hot mofo deserves better than that. Everyone else was Great Hoya really works that german military coat like no Other.

Teen Top Made their Comeback with Supa Luv This Performance was good it was smoother than the other two so far and the costumes were less Infuriating to me (the Hair still is Sorry! Still crying over Neil’s beautiful locks) But yeah They all seemed more confident today end L.Joe at the end he seemed less scared to speak up in english though he is still hella stiff and forced which makes me sad because boy is hot as hell (/bricked  NEED TO REMEMBER I AM HIS NOONA AND HE IS OFF LIMITS! *thinking about Jinki makes it all better kekeke* ) So enjoy. ^ ^

JQT made their comeback with PEEKABOO and i would just like to say that the first time i heard this song i was like uhhh BooPeep ripoff kinda sorta but then i listened to it again and It’s hella catchy so i figured i would talk about it and post up the performance because these girls are talented just kinda generic is all. The main rapper has a powerful voice but the whole lace covering one side of her face bothers me and Holy crap one girl in there is hella hella pretty like OMG the one with the long hair and bangs. I am Major jelly of her eyes (though you have to look close to see them In the MV for this song you see how nice they are) The performance isn’t AMAZING its mediocre but you can tell they are trying their best. I think they just really need a concept that matched their actual charms for them to stand out and DEF more energy when they perform they are kinda flat.


So Yup that’s all i am going to cover today. Now for some SHINee spazz and it will come in the form of Onew from last nights Mucore recording he was hella cute and dorky last night and i might throw in some Jjong and Key just for the hell of it ^ ^ Thank you so much for reading AS ALWAYS i will always appreciate my readers !

I love his laugh!

SO Perfect it hurts



BYE ! ! ! ! !